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Corporate Carbon Footprint Calculation and Reporting Software QuickCarbon

QuickCarbon is a solution that allows organizations to calculate and report their Corporate Carbon Footprints according to the ISO 14064-1:2018 Standard and GHG Protocol, without the need for any consultancy services.

During the year the software is rented, companies can enter their current or previous years' data, and then download the printout of their reports in different language options with a single click.

Corporate Carbon Footprint reports obtained from the software comply with relevant standards and can be used nationally and internationally.

Updates to standards and references regarding emission factors are quickly integrated into the software by our professional team, so users do not need to follow this process.

With the help of multifunctional graphics in the software, you can develop strategies in the process of reducing your carbon emissions or create scenarios and evaluate the effects of the strategies you intend to develop to reduce your carbon footprint.

In addition to the "QuickCarbon Software" and "Corporate Carbon Footprint" trainings given to users, our team will continue to communicate with you and provide support throughout the use of the software.

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QuickCarbon has been offering digital practical solutions to companies in corporate carbon footprint calculation and reporting since 2016.