Take Control of
Your Corporate
Carbon Footprint

Carbon emission management and reporting
is now much easier with QuickCarbon.

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User-Friendly Software

QuickCarbon calculates and reports companies' corporate carbon footprints
within the scope of ISO 14064-1:2018 Standard and GHG Protocol;
it is also a user-friendly software that allows users
to create strategies to reduce emissions.

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It is accessible on both computers and mobile devices without the need for any installation.

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It offers a user-friendly experience with its simple interface.

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Data Storage

Data is stored on servers using the highest security methods.

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Ease of Data Entry

Effortlessly input all data into the system following the ISO 14064-1:2018 Standard and GHG Protocol guidelines.

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Instant Reporting

You can download your report in Word and Excel formats with different language options with a single click.

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It allows you to filter, analyze, and report the results of your group companies or facilities in different locations.

Ease of Data Entry

QuickCarbon is designed so that all users can easily enter data without the need for any consultancy services.


With the help of multiple dashboards and graphs in QuickCarbon, you can monitor your greenhouse gas emissions according to activity type, organization, location and many other parameters to develop strategies about mitigation.


Before implementing the strategies you will develop to reduce your greenhouse gas emissions, you can create scenarios in various scopes and see in advance how much these strategies will affect your current greenhouse gas emissions.


The reports, which you can download from QuickCarbon in Turkish and English with a single click, comply with the ISO 14064-1:2018 standard and GHG Protocol and can be used nationally and internationally.

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Software Packages

QuickCarbon's transparent pricing policy meets the needs of all large and small businesses and institutions. You can access feature descriptions by clicking on the "?" image next to the features in the table. You can contact us to get detailed information about our special pricing for very large businesses or municipalities.









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QuickCarbon software has been offering digital practical solutions to companies
in corporate carbon footprint calculation and reporting.
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Additional Services

Carbon Offsetting

To offset the greenhouse gas emissions of an organization or event, the carbon footprint must first be calculated. In this process, the carbon footprint of the company or event is calculated using the QuickCarbon software.


Corporate Carbon Footprint Consultancy

The corporate carbon footprint consultancy service process helps organizations to calculate, reduce, and report their carbon footprints, contributing to their organizations' goals of combating climate change and achieving sustainability goals.


Water Footprint Consultancy

As part of water footprint consultancy services, meetings are held with company officials after providing Water Footprint training. The data collection process is managed by creating a water flow diagram, water inventory list, and material inventory for the company.


QuickCarbon Real Estate

As QuickCarbon, we provide our customers with sector-specific solutions in order to make it easier for companies to manage their corporate carbon footprint.